[ F A Q ] Please take a moment to read our frequently asked questions page.. There's SO much information listed here to help guide you in preparing for a session with us! Please feel free to contact us for any unlisted additional info!

What should I/we wear? 
For family photography / children : It is best to keep clothing simple, avoiding logos or busy patterns. I always suggest layers/textures. In group photos, color coordinating is always more pleasing to the eye. Wear clothes that represent you and who you are. Feel free to bring a change of clothing if it is part of your package option.

For Mom's to be : I have a series of maternity options for you to choose from if need be. Please let me know ahead of time what you might have in mind in terms of clothing and we can work together to ensure your look is comfortable and exactly what you envisioned. Please bring a bandeau top in a color or two that is neutral. Bring along some boy shorts in neutral colors as well to match your tops. Please bring comfortable shoes for on location sessions if we have to walk around to ensure you are comfortable.  Flowy gowns are always a plus. Fitted gowns are highly recommended as well. They form fit very beautifully and reveal all the beautiful curves of the lil bump... I have lots of fun idea's and inspirations to share, so please feel free to reach out to me ahead of time to assist you with any planning details. You can always grasp some fun inspiring idea's from our maternity page HERE

What to bring?
For family and/or children photo sessions: outfit changes in the event of spills, or natural kiddie movements that could lead to getting dirty especially during outdoor sessions, a drink [kids ALWAYS get thirsty lol!], a favorite toy, special stuffed animal and most certainly a favorite snack that could easily BUY a smile! [it'll surprise you how much no matter the tricks i come up with, children could easily shut down at the idea of being front and center with everyone screaming 'cheeeese'! lol! ]. Please make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session for a more comfortable and positive experience. [practice practice practice --- please try to prepare our little clients ahead for our session. it helps when they are aware they will be getting photographed, and can better come in the mind set of knowing what to do instead of a surprise.]

For Maternity Sessions : Please make sure to pack a snack of your choice and some beverages[water, juice] for sunny days or simply in the event you may need to sit a moment for a break. Maternity sessions can be overwhelming for new moms, and depending on pregnancy, we may have to take a moment to allow mommy to be to rest up a minute off her feet. Please feel free to bring ultrasound photo's and keepsakes you will like to include in capturing your journey. Don't forget your bandeau tops and boy shorts! Feel free to bring any head bands, chains, floral styling trinkets, and any other keep sake item's you may want to include. 

How long does the photo shoot session last?
The actual session itself usually lasts just about the package specified time. A newborn session could be fairly done within the amount of time specified if baby goes along with our plan of getting photographed, or go a little over for our new and fussy clients. Please be prepared for overage in the event this may occur..Wedding Collections range from 4.5hrs, 6.5hrs or 8.5hrs depending of package time purchased. We are always willing to add in an extra 10 minutes to ensure that our session with you isn't rushed. We ask that you are on time for our session as to not delay the next session aster you. Charges may apply for overly late clients IF schedule cannot be adjusted per the next client after you. 

How do we book you?
Simply let me know you would like to book a session, what dates work best for you and what type of session you are looking for through my contact page. For wedding photography please send me your date, venue location and which wedding package best fits your needs and I will send you the wedding contract with more information.

When will I receive my photos?
Approximately 2/3 weeks after your session (weddings usually 8-12 weeks depending on the time of year), I will have your custom gallery for viewing completed. Your gallery will consist of the number of pictures specified in your package(usually a lot more for weddings, family, etc.). Pictures will be professionally edited, color corrected(if needed), some offered in black & white, collages and all in high resolution. I will usually post a sneak peek photo of the session on my website and/or social media page within a few days of your session. You will receive a signed release for all of the photos within your gallery. This allows you the freedom to have ALL the pictures from the day of the shoot, with corrections made, to make prints from our site and or around the web..

Are there any additional charges for me to receive my photos?
I charge a one-time flat rate for your pictures which are taken at the location of YOUR choice. No added sitting fees, special effect fees or huge prices for portraits. The price quoted does include the photo shoot, your personalized viewing gallery containing all of your images with permission for you to share and download the photos from anywhere and keep forever. Charges only apply to customers seeking a disc option and or photo gifts and other offered additional photography goodies. 

Where will the photos be taken? Do you have a studio?
The location of the photo session is up to you, we currently are in the process of setting up our studio and certainly have lots of in studio for you. Ideally I  prefer to use natural, available light (for weddings (esp indoor venues) I do use an external flash). Once your photo shoot date is booked, we will discuss what types of feel you are looking for in your photographs, the right settings for the inspirations you have, and then work together to come up with the perfect location. Newborn photo sessions are almost always held within the comfort of your own home, or for creative custom sessions, we recommend within the studio. I am very familiar with the New England area and will do my best to ensure any on set locations outside of the studio completely fits the idea's behind your session. 

Do you only offer the photos for downloading? Are there on USB/ Disc options? Do you offer prints?
The price listed includes the price of all of your specified photos for downloading. If you are interested in having prints made I am happy to help you with that [you can always order straight from your gallery per prints, fun photography keepsakes and much more]. I also have options for custom USB's and discs as well. For weddings and larger events, packaging almost always includes a USB option. Please feel free to inquire about options for receiving your photography packages.

I love doing capturing moments for any occasion. If you have an occasion in mind you do not see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you. Thank you!