A      B      O      U      T

i am Marilyn.  i was born in Monrovia, Liberia.  p. s. a --i really DO hate about me pages!

Photography has been a huge part of my everyday joy for as long as i can remember.

I'm a bit of an overly emotional/ sappy feelings junkie

'i've cried with my clients on numerous occasions' - especially during maternity sessions! lol

I am a BIG kid at heart, and literally forget the parents are around during kid sessions - *truly, we have a great time!*

How Stuff Works Around Here?!? 

I love simple images that bring out the wits, the laughter, the 'who' behind those eyes, the (true love stories ), the heart warming family dynamics, the silly sides, & most of all 'the story of YOU captured within each frame of emotion shared with me.. ((i am known to really simply allow YOU to be YOU! I'll stop and story tell, or chime in, or sit with you through the kinks to get to where we need to be during our session to bring out your BEST self to be captured! So come prepared for some full on laughs, nursery rhyming, cooing, hugs, and whatever else is necessary to get that naturalness going!! lol!))

 "The rewarding sensation of being able to document the journeys of the many beautiful & incredible persons i am blessed to meet & work with is simply indescribable!"..my heart is full! I am overly grateful for many countless & meaningful joys i experience each day in being able to bring you joy through creating & capturing life's truly incredible moments!